Work in progress…

Here’s a update on the piece I’m working on now, a TVR convertible. I’ve managed to get the basic shape to something I’m happy with, and get the first layers of colour down onto the canvas. I’m looking forward to getting a few more hours in on it tomorrow whilst I’m watching the Grand Prix!


I’m really excited about the new commissioned piece I started this morning. It’s a brilliant feeling knowing that people like my paintings enough to want to pay for them. Adds a bit of pressure though!  I’ll post some photos when it starts taking shape, as right now it’s just a blue blob on the page! I’ll give a hint though, this time it’s not a F1 car…

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Currently working on painting this image, seen on Top Gear a few weeks ago. Not only does the car look great, but the backdrop of Lake Como is beautiful! I’m currently struggling a bit with the car bonnet proportions, but hopefully I’ll get a few spare hours throughout the week to have another go!