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Something slightly Different – Marc Marquez on his Moto GP Bike.


A couple of weeks ago I was watching one of the Moto GP races on TV with my Dad, and one of the things we kept commenting on was how spectacular the bikes looked. Everything about them is impressive. We especially noticed the two Repsol Honda bikes driven by Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa. They were a fantastic mix of reds, oranges and yellows, which really stood out on the track. I immediately wanted to have a go at painting one. Before the race had even finished, I’d found a canvas, selected an image and started on an outline of Marc, number 93, on his Honda.

Although it’s of a similar subject to the work I normally do, it was still exciting to be painting something a little different. I got to work with a lot of colour, and try and improve my detailing. The image is so bold and impressive, and I really hope i’ve done it justice. I’ll post some progress photos soon to demonstrate how I achieved the final image and maybe I’ll have another go at painting some more bikes soon.


Finished Austin

Austin Six
Austin Six

Here’s a picture of the Austin i’ve just finished. I’ve been working on the painting for a few weeks whilst I’ve not got much else to work on. The car is an old Austin Six that belongs to a family friend. It’s actually the car that me and my friends went to prom in! The owner doesn’t know I’ve painted it for him, so hopefully it should be a nice surprise!

Work in progress…

Here’s a update on the piece I’m working on now, a TVR convertible. I’ve managed to get the basic shape to something I’m happy with, and get the first layers of colour down onto the canvas. I’m looking forward to getting a few more hours in on it tomorrow whilst I’m watching the Grand Prix!

I’m really excited about the new commissioned piece I started this morning. It’s a brilliant feeling knowing that people like my paintings enough to want to pay for them. Adds a bit of pressure though!  I’ll post some photos when it starts taking shape, as right now it’s just a blue blob on the page! I’ll give a hint though, this time it’s not a F1 car…