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Back after a break: Valentino Rossi

Finally I’ve managed to finish a painting after a couple of months break. Not something I particularly wanted to take. It’s not that I haven’t been painting at all, it’s just I’ve been finding it hard to find the time what with starting my final year at University. Instead of having the luxury of being able to paint for a couple of hours every day, like I could in the summer, I’ve been lucky if I can manage 2 or 3 hours a week during term time.

I started this piece only a few weeks after I finished the Marc Marquez painting, which goes to show how annoyingly long it has taken me to finish it. Several people had asked me if I planned to work on a Rossi piece, which initially I hadn’t. My MotoGP knowledge is limited to say the least, but I had a lot of fun painting Marquez and the sponsorship detailing on the bikes is something I want to challenge myself to get better at. This has also stressed to me that I need to invest in better quality brushes. I completed much of this painting using the same paintbrush; which at the time of buying I felt to be over-priced, but couldn’t deny the quality of results was far better after I started using it.

I’m also trying to use linseed oil more when I’m painting. Predominantley, I tend to use white spirit as an easy way to thin the paint, but I’m eager to see how the results vary using the oil. This will hopefully be evident with the next painting I’m working on, a timeless Jaguar.

Here’s a look at the final Valentino Rossi piece. It’s roughly A3 size, on Canvas paper which I’ve been using quite a lot recently. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I can finish another painting and upload that too.



Something slightly Different – Marc Marquez on his Moto GP Bike.


A couple of weeks ago I was watching one of the Moto GP races on TV with my Dad, and one of the things we kept commenting on was how spectacular the bikes looked. Everything about them is impressive. We especially noticed the two Repsol Honda bikes driven by Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa. They were a fantastic mix of reds, oranges and yellows, which really stood out on the track. I immediately wanted to have a go at painting one. Before the race had even finished, I’d found a canvas, selected an image and started on an outline of Marc, number 93, on his Honda.

Although it’s of a similar subject to the work I normally do, it was still exciting to be painting something a little different. I got to work with a lot of colour, and try and improve my detailing. The image is so bold and impressive, and I really hope i’ve done it justice. I’ll post some progress photos soon to demonstrate how I achieved the final image and maybe I’ll have another go at painting some more bikes soon.